Friday, September 6, 2013


This blog sucks.  They rarely update it, and half the posts have nothing to do with fishing.

In an attempt to rectify this, the members of the TAC (The Angler's Culvert) board convened a meeting.  We report the minutes below.

Meeting was called to order when EJ poured his Highland Park.  TJ answered the phone, and poured Dickel.

EJ moved to begin with a discussion of Scotland.  TJ seconded the motion.

Scotland was declared desirable and all things good.  Matter was closed.

TJ moved to propose a kayak purchase.  EJ offered advice.  Twelve feet was declared the optimal length.  All in attendance agreed that buying second-hand is the way to go.  Motion passed.

A discussion of depression and its various manifestations ensued.  Depression was declared undesirable and complicated.  Motion passed.

A move was made to determine, once and for all, the best Scotch whisky.

Discussion was tabled when consensus could not be reached.

If you're trying to get her drunk so she'll sleep with you, but she's also your wife, is there really an ethical dilemma?  TAC Executive Council says "No".

You can never really understand another person's perspective.  Not really.  So the best you can do is to recognize this fact.  That will get you as close to understanding as is possible, which is to say, not terribly close.  Issue is tabled for Eternity.

Plans were made to conduct future board meetings in person.  Motion passed.

Thanks, Soulpatch, for some of the great photos.