Saturday, July 24, 2010

Block Island All-Nighter: Andrew's Last Stand

The poor bugger is leaving for Ohio, where there are no fish. So we went to BI to get him a keeper bass before he's landlocked. Me, Steve, Bob, and Andrew have been fishing together quite a bit these past years, so it was the right posse. We behaved quite badly without contravening any laws.

We fished all night and Andrew got into a few large stripers in the mid 30" range, exactly the class of fish he wanted. We went to a beach and within a short time he was dancing porgy and large ocean bass. It worked out just perfectly because on this very rare occasion he caught many more fish than I did and by far the bigger specimens. [Of course, I didn't actually attach a fly to my line, so keen was I for Andrew to have the sport just this once].

Here's the tale.

We crossed Block Island Sound on a trawler.

I am the best looking of the group.

I really am.

This is not a "wiper".

I don't know why he always tilts his head like this. It's a gay thing, I think.

Steve insists on thrusting all his fish up to the camera to make them look bigger. It's the modern way.

All done.


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Turning 40 has a silver lining - a birthday present of a long awaited fishing kayak. She tracks wonderfully and is quite quick, as well as being nice and stable for fly fishing the local inland waters. Fitted with a rod holder, I'm ready to roll. This morning, the only fish I saw were of the jelly variety. Which is fine, as I'm enjoying the simple wonders of just being afloat.

12' Sit on Top Perception Pescador