Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bugger, it's cold

It's cold. Closed for business. Winter will remain, forever. It's a practical improbability that things will grow ever again. We're in another ice age.

So I'm tying some woolly buggers for spring carp. I'm fascinated by bead-chain. Not long now....


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


There are pioneers in New England and beyond who take the presentation of their baits to an artful level. Alas, it's a rare thing to capture that single moment when real innovation is born, so I'm delighted to receive this astonishing example from Young Pete, himself quite adept with Ohioan Steel, I hear.

Hook: Really big
Thread: String
Body: A Chicken
Tail: No
Wing: A Chicken's
Legs: Chicken


Culvert's Best 2011

Each year I review hundreds of rods and reels, boots and jackets, and each year a few stand out: a fly rod that comes alive in your hand, a quality angling book that possesses a certain smell or balanced heft - something that makes you just sigh with desire.

Every so often a truly remarkable invention comes along (the fantastic PioPod (Pack-it-out) Micro Trash Container springs to mind: hitherto, taking your shit home was almost impossible! No, really, it wasn't).

This year the Culvert's editors fell in love with one product over all others.

Voted "Fucking Superb" by The Angler's Culvert, best of everything 2011.  

A Panama-based liquor company is bottling "Scotch" in a 12oz beer-can sized can. It contains eight shots. It is gold.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Scotland. Opening Day. A Big Deal.

Red Hat

Red Hat and me went tracking yesterday and saw lots of interesting shapes in the snow.

A female gray squirrel

Male mouse going shopping. 

Don't know 

 Red Hat wanted to have a squirrel for lunch but Mom said "no".