Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Actual August Striped Bass

Here's one from Friday night, caught by Todd Kuhrt in Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Given the fact that (a) it is August, which is a tough month to catch anything from shore but snapper blues, and (b) Todd is suffering from Beaver Fever, the fishing was pretty good. Meaning we actually caught some fish and I did not witness my friend vomit or poop himself.

It's hard to reconcile that Todd actually turned 57 this year.

I carefully placed my spinning rod to the rear so you wouldn't see it.

Good evening.

-- Jonny


  1. Beaver fever? Haha... does that mean his wife doesn't let him go fishing as often as ho wants too? Nice late summer catch!

  2. In all this time I didn't know Leslie Nielson visited the Culvert. Welcome sir.