Sunday, June 9, 2013

Culvert giveth. Culvert taketh away.

The rain caused major currents to come through the "in" culvert (as well as through the "out" culvert) of Seven Culverts Pond, and the largemouth bass were stacked in that current in absurd numbers.  I've never seen largemouth bass fishing like I had last night for about 90 minutes.  They were leaping and splashing in that current, and were taking flies about as fast as I could put them back into the water.  Even took a few on the dangle, standing right above the water flowing out.  

Something eerily familiar about it all.

Culvert giveth.

Culvert taketh away.


  1. A very good friend of mine used to sit on his toilet drinking orange juice while peeing. He said there was something reassuring in the constant cycle. Not unlike a culvert.

  2. Is that a wiggle minnow in that last Bass mouth? Nice post!

  3. WTF No new posts in a month. Go fishing, go whoring, write something you lazy fisherman. Huh, must be the whiskey? Try drinking beer,alot, it will clear your mind and you will post again.

  4. Why don't you ever call or post? Love Mom And don't bring any sewer drainage fish over here either.