Friday, March 9, 2012

Pulaski Skunk

For now, just pictures:



38 Zero Gs

Wet English

Lots of these.

The Jet Boil. Pure genius.
Bright, warm, Spring sun.
Saw a Bald Eagle here (note: blue skies).

Time to go home (note: cold, wet.)

Note: Shitting down with snow.

I caught this one in 2010. It's for Sam.


  1. It's just great to get out on the water.

  2. Great blog man..lots of great "shit" on here, literally. I was pretty much sold after reading the intro line , words a man can live by.
    I'll be following....

  3. Anyone who leaves a space before a comma is welcome here, at least until the corrective surgery. Welcome , brother.

  4. Jonny,

    I remember a post by Brayshaw from several months ago wherein, in a video, he made it pretty clear in profane terms that anyone who had high expectations about steelheading was a fucking fool.

    I think that you have spent so much time on this side of the pond that you have forgot your roots.

    "The best laid schemes o' mice and men gang oft' aglay,"

    And you had positive expectations of catching steelhead in Polish-named waters?

    "And lea' us naught but strife and pain for promised joy."

    Robert Burns

    Jonny, go back to your home on this side of the pond, pour yourself a good glass of malt, and resolve not to wade in the water again until it is really spring. Then show us some pictures
    of fish caught and released. We all know how to photograph water and detritus.


  5. Dear Sam - thank you for citing Rabbie Burns (not to be confused with Rabbi Burns, a distant cousin and not a fly fisherman). I will take your advice about sipping a dram, but I'm less sure how Zakur will feel about the detritus tag. He's really a good egg.


  6. Jonny. Superb trip! Feeling the press of the stream's current, spying Bald Eagles, eating crispy wings with sauce on the side, all the great things that make a fishing trip perfect and well worth the ten hours of travel. Nice pictures. That Zakur chap is quite photogenic and wholly unlike non-living particulate organic material.