Sunday, June 19, 2011

Signs are good

You know you had a good night. It's 4am and you're punching your own face to stay awake on I95. It's real late, but it's Father's Day and you'll have their grace tomorrow. You are returning with the same amount of beer as you took. Fingers on your left hand are cut where multiple fish were brought in and you think about getting that Boga after all. Last night you did a headlamp check of knuckles and fingers to see they were not cracked or at unusual angles after that last fish defied your tight drag. The fish fought harder than I ever recall; all requiring the rod butt. Fisherman's Fall, in June.

You are returning home from Rhode Island with seaweed in a wash basin and some flies that have 50% less to them than they did earlier. Your greatest 'concern' these last 2 hours was keeping your hooked fish apart from your buddy's hooked fish. You are convinced, at least this time, that surf guys can keep the bigger fish because they're not having as much sport, pound for pound, as you are on a fly rod. Last night the fly rod was king.

Seaweed and beer - signs you've had it good.

A blur in Rhode Island


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  1. Sweet! No beer break?! The fishing must have been good!