Saturday, June 18, 2011

Carp Cathedral

We had quite the intense but brief storm last night, so I expected the water to be higher this morning, and it was. But it was manageable. Thick fog and near 100% humidity made for an interesting walk in the woods. I explored a lot of stream-side bottom land today, saw a lot of carp, missed one take, and found a large sycamore. I came home soaked to the bone and stinking of sweat and muck, but unfortunately, not of fish. But the new water I found has a lot of potential. I particularly liked the wide, flat pool with the high open canopy, where the sun tried to penetrate the fog. It had a cathedral-like feel to it...a carp cathedral.


  1. Thanks to the "thick fog" you totally could have pulled off that "broad daylight" shot. ;-) But seriously though.....this was a beautiful post. I like the idea of a "Carp Cathedral"....I'd worship there...

  2. You just wait. And be careful what you wish for...

  3. That first picture should be set to The End, by The Doors. I half expect you'll bump into Colonel Walter E. Kurtz one day. He was a carp man, I believe.