Monday, May 4, 2015


TAC Review: Roscoe, NY, "Trout Town USA".

The pretty little town of Roscoe, New York, is the gateway to the Catskills and some of the best, most storied fly-fishing waters in the United States of America. People know it as "Trout Town USA", and with good reason. The rivers are many and beautiful; the trout are honking big and wild.

The main fly shop should have a crapper and the cigar options should stretch beyond two brands filed away in the recesses of the local gas station (the one I bought unwrapped within moments of the first blessed toke). Otherwise, the people in the fly shops are nice.

That was a review of Roscoe, New York, "Trout Town USA".


Fishing Car knew the way to Trout Town

The male of the species adds fishing decals to his new territory instead of urinating in it

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