Saturday, April 18, 2015

First white bass post of 2015

By this time each year, I have been thinking of white bass for a couple weeks, and may have even ventured out to see if they’ve arrived. I then report back to you all.  In that spirit, I offer the Culvert’s first white bass post of the season.  But that’s sort of where it all goes south.  The problem is two-fold.  First, we’ve a fair bit of rain and worse yet, the timing has been awful.  As soon as the streams are 24 hours from wadeable, we get another rain.  Second, I just got a vasectomy.  I feel fine (thanks for asking), but Doc says I should take it easy today and tomorrow….yep, you guessed it: more rain.

According to DMOZ, some sort of website that is useful but not very amusing, the Angler’s Culvert is a website that covers “Fly angling topics ranging from the useful to something less useful, but always amusing.”  I’ve said I all have to say about white bass for today, but according to the informational video I was required to watch before my vasectomy, I should consider…

Useful?  Check.

If you’re not fishing for white bass right now for the same reason I’m not, then I think we both agree that this little tidbit was useful.  It’s the Culvert way.

I tried to snap a few more photos from the instructional video.  The following one captured an interesting transition between images.  The editing was so superb, I didn’t even notice it was happening during the film.  It was only later, when sending the images to Jonny during the live stream that I noticed.  We’ve been searching for a Culvert logo for our hats, and I think we’ve found one.

Less useful.  But amusing.

The procedure itself was largely painless, and quicker than you can tie a wooly bugger.  Nonetheless, I got a little light-headed and nauseous during the surgery and I don’t think it was because of the pain.  Right before the doctor started, I caught a glimpse of the instrument tray.  If you know anything about vasectomies, you know there are a lot of little hoses to snip, clamp and suture so most of the instruments on the tray were no cause for alarm.

But the little metal bowl?  I could only think of one thing – well, two really – that would be in danger of rolling off of the tray and there was no mention of that in the video. 

I checked the bowl on my way out, though, and it was empty.  The nausea passed, and I think we’re all good to go. 

I hope you’re able to get out there and catch the white bass run before it’s over!

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