Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fishing Myth # 193: Debunked!

In the April 1949 issue of “Boy’s Life” magazine, author Irving Crump describes the taking of fly by fish as being “like a jolt of electricity”. Over 50 years later, in April 2002, “Boy’s Life” authors are still at it: “The bite feels like a jolt of electricity running through your hands,” Peaches said.  He was ready when a second fish struck his line.”  Writes New York Times bestselling author Mary Alice Monroe, in her recent novel “Time is a River”: “She felt the tug again, stronger this time. Her eyes widened with surprise. She had actually caught a fish! The contact was like a jolt of electricity from the fish to her heart.”  And in a recent advertisement, Hardy & Greys Ltd claim that if you “Use the right fishing tackle…those bites are like a jolt of electricity…”

Don’t you believe it. These people have no idea what they’re talking about.  And neither, I might add, does the electrician who told me that flipping the breaker switch was unnecessary provided that I simply turn the light switch to “Off”.  Which means that, really, we’ve debunked two myths today!

Catching a fish is much, much better.

I bought this afterwards.

Two for three: it's like steelheading.  (And no, the bulb is good.)

Later this spring, we'll address that age-old question: Is catching a musky on a fly really better than sex?  I've never done it*, so we'll just have to wait.

[Editor's Note: * the musky part]


  1. I use a pocket knife to check whether or not the juice is still on. Sometimes I am able to flip the breaker from three rooms away, but sometimes I have to hold the wires together to do it. My electrician says "tripping" the breaker is not the same as turning it off, but I've seen my plumber do it with a screwdriver on a water heater and that's good enough for me. I hope my plumber has recovered by spring because it's getting harder and harder to find true craftsmen like that.

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