Friday, November 23, 2012

No shame in second place

It was bitterly cold today, with a biting wind thrown in for good measure.  We saw what I think must have been at least a couple hundred sandhill cranes.  Sandhill cranes spontaneously generate, at least here where I live, only in bad weather.  They must spend the nicer days as spores in a state of suspended animation, because I have never seen a sandhill crane on a nice day.  Still, it's worth it to venture outside to see them.  Sometimes they're very, very high in the sky, but usually, they're much, much higher than that.  The most fabulous sound in the world is that made by a Common Loon on a remote lake in the North Woods, but the sound that sandhill cranes make during their fall migration is probably a very respectable second place.

Too small to fish, but it is running water.

Brayshaw, The Younger

Fly-tying material, on the hoof.

Sandhill Cranes.  South is to the right.

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