Tuesday, September 4, 2012

How to catch crabs


To: T.J.Brayshaw@TheCulvert
From: English.Jonny@TheCulvert 
Sent: Tuesday, 3 September 2012
Subject: How to catch crabs

Dear T.J.,

Yes, you had mentioned the bottle of Ardbeg.  It is something special.

Our long weekend was nice. Other than finishing the bathroom, I found a new frog pond with my son on Sunday. There were two young women in bathing costumes swimming and taking photos of one another. I think the boy enjoyed it - he caught two very large green frogs - so it's likely to be our new favorite spot. 

We went to the estuary after the pond to ease my erection and try for some crabs. I've never done this before (try for crabs), but we managed to catch a couple (two) with some chunks of BBQ flavored chicken. What surprised me was the amount of bait fish that swarmed around the chicken - literally ripping it to pieces. Have I been missing something all these years? 


English Jonny


  1. Last time I caught the crabs I didn't need any bait! Respectively, Punahele

  2. BBQd Chicken Wing fly... hmm I think you're on to something.