Monday, August 13, 2012

Local angler calls on bigger fish to bite

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Aug. 13 (Culvert Press) - A local angler, frustrated by the size of the fish he's been catching lately, says he is "calling on" larger fish to bite his flies. "I am calling on more, and larger, smallmouth bass to bite my flies," said T.J. Brayshaw, a local smallmouth bass fly angler.  According to sources, Brayshaw cites various politicians as inspiration.  "I seen a politician recently say he was 'calling on' all Americans to do this or that thing.  I can't remember what he was 'calling on' them to do, but it sounded good to me," says Brayshaw.  When asked what, exactly, it means when he or a politician 'calls on' somebody to do something, Brayshaw replied "I think it's like a demand, except you don't have to really back it up.  Like if you 'demand' somebody do something, then you gotta do something to them if they don't do it.  But if you 'call on' them to do it, they know you're serious about it, but you ain't really going to follow up if they ignore you."

When asked how this might apply to fly fishing, Brayshaw said "I don't know!  You tell me.  Maybe I call on you to kiss my ass!" No fish could be reached for comment.


  1. Your use of the word seen is poetry beyond Burns himself.

  2. Jonny You aint seen that pretty fish he caught? You may be called on to repent on your drunkedness and poor manners. Punahele

  3. Learn to spell and get back to me.

    And use your name.

    My name is Jonny.

    1. Jonny My god given name is Thomas. Has dumbshit called on you to repent?

  4. Haha this is a really funny post. Well done!