Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Farewell, Fat Lady

Britain's largest and most beloved fish has died peacefully at her St. Ives home.  Though we never met this particular fat lady, The Angler's Culvert team expresses its deepest sympathies to the anglers of Great Britain, in England, at this sad time. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Rest in peace, Fatty.




  1. Are you Brits nuts? Please don't ever solicit for or recommend that anyone contribute to PETA.
    The next thing you know your beakfast dish might be featured in one of their commercials showing you eating scrambled eggs, along side two tiny brook trout. And they are so delicious cooked that way! Only abut 6 inches long,whole, and you can pick them up and eat them from the tail end, like large french fries, all the way up to the gills, bones and all. Beware.

  2. I'm sorry. Over there, they call them "chips", not "large french fries".

    I am so not into dealing with every possible kind of disversity.

  3. I prefer Brazil nuts. And I once heard of a man - as only happens in rural America - who had a lamb shank while on Viagra. Washed down with a nice Chianti fsfsfsfsfsfsfsfsfs....