Monday, June 13, 2011

What good is a cat?

Some time ago, English Jonny asked me a very good question: "T.J., you have a cat. Why? A cat provides nothing but hair everywhere, and the untimely view of an anus at the breakfast table. What good is a cat?"

Before I could answer, his wife replied: "Ha! The answer then must be the same to 'What good is a husband.'

I spit out my toast and jam, but promised to ponder the question.

Now, I have a good answer.


  1. I like English Jonny's wife. That being said, great post!

  2. I still maintain that I don't have use for a pencil sharpener at breakfast.

    By the way; that cat will never take with such a bent line. And are her claws even sharp?

  3. That cat DID take. Did you not see the second and third picture?

  4. i now know how to spend my time during the mid summer doldrums....
    here kitty kitty kitty....

  5. So you say, but the cat seems to have taken just once, which I remind you, once again, is no claim to anything.

    I note that your pussy is boss-eyed, so it is quite likely she took the fly by mistake and quite literally where she thought it was not.

  6. I bet you can get some pretty mean ghetto nymph dubbing (I'm thinking hares-ear substitute) from that kitties brush.

  7. Just try landing that critter. Absent a bang stick, you're gonna be torn to shreds. Think Blue Fish 'cept the teeth are on the feet. Boga doesn't make a grip with a handle long enough to handle that safely.