Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brayshaw in Running for Gray's Angling Column?

Midcurrent's Marshall Cutchin says “Gray’s editor Jim Babb let us know yesterday about his decision to retire as angling columnist of the magazine after 16 years to pursue more book writing (he’ll remain the editor of Gray’s). That means a rare opportunity for someone to write a regular column for one of outdoor journalism’s brightest showcases.”

"Basically, everyone gets the same treatment: I want to see two sample Gray's columns, as polished as the writer can make them: one on fly fishing, one on whatever; they have to run between 1450 and 1485 words, and must be emailed to me not later than June 1, 2011. How soon they come doesn't matter--I won't be making a decision until after I've read them all--but crowding the last week might matter."

The new writer's first column will run in the March/April 2012 fly-fishing special, and there will be seven columns a year. Send your work to Jim Babb at

You heard it here last.


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  1. Seven columns per year? That's comes to something like one every other week. Ain't no way I can write that much.

    Hell, I can barely write all them mystery words this blog asks me to type in order to post these comments. What the hell does "mingor" or "spleedcan" even mean!?