Monday, March 29, 2010

Brief Scenes from the Culvert

No time to write. Busy with work, the family and trying in vain to find early season stripers. It's probably too early, but there's bounty somewhere. Anyway; some photos of recent things.

What's skinny, hollow, and prone to poke you in the eye? The grass is Phragmites sp.

Photobucket My Didymo friendly waders, patent pending.

Near death for a Mummichog or Killifish. The pool they were in looked 2" deep, but quick sand is no laughing matter.

Urban fly fishing.It wasn't what you'd call pleasant under there, but the water was awfully fishy looking...

Photobucket More foam shrimp.

How not to hold a bass, this one from the River Thames, which I have trouble pronouncing.

Andrew about to eat lunch. As a striper guy, when he struck this fish it flew over his right shoulder. The last time he caught a brookie he was a lot younger.

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