Saturday, February 18, 2012

We are beasties too (The Annual February Post)

Crocus are well on their way. Things are photosynthesizing. I have a cold but even in mid-February - this mid-February - I'm suspecting pollen. Last year we were under 3' of snow. I was hard at it with a chisel and the snow blower saved my job and physical wellness. In 2012 it's already spring in Connecticut. Forsythia is green and ready. It was warm enough today that Bill and I are contemplating kayaking tomorrow, a whole month before the frogs and some weeks (I bury forget the exact date) before ya'll get too excited about having celtic roots. We won't go, but that's not the point.

I'm not from here. I'm from over there, where the grass is green in winter. So just trust me that this is all quite weird - last year, then this year. Today I imagined that most beasties, like plants, are starting up early, encouraged by the warming trend; or at least they're confused, like me. I wonder if the Beasties on Hudson and those hundreds of miles south are thinking the same thing, and thinking of setting out early.

Like the man said, the seasons really are an endless distraction. At least, this is what I was thinking in the loop of 2nd grade basketball, Stop and Shop, the dump and the wine store today.



  1. Happy 2nd birthday, Culvert.

    You'll be out of diapers and wiping your own butt before you know it.

  2. Saw the first snowdrops this morning. Here on the side of the valley it's still well shaded and cool though the ice is already off the vernal pool. Not long before the frogs start thinking of luv.

  3. Interesting Steve. I'm used to different timing at altitude - the highlands and lowlands etc - but we live in the same rather small state, and our snowdrops have been out for weeks.

    It'll be interesting to see if things start up early. Alas, the mild winter was the last straw for some

  4. We are all beasties, for sure. It's okay that you are from "over there" where they have green grass in winter. If you need ice, for any reason at all, I have plenty up here.

    Basketball, Stop & Shop, the dump, and the wine store? The highlight for me would be the dump. There is always good stuff to be found at the dump (any dump).

    I celebrate my Celtic heritage every darn day. Not really. I just wrote that in case my mom is reading this.