Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Early Years

As we get older our memories of childhood inevitably fade, so it's really special to unearth the original footage of that very first moment when I realized that *my musical collaboration with TJ Brayshaw was destined to evolve into what it has become today. 

Please enjoy this special film.

*We're not fit to clean the boots of these fantastic players.Brothers Jonny Mizzone age 9 on banjo, Robbie Mizzone age 12 on fiddle, and Tommy Mizzone age 14 on guitar. Jonny is playing a Huber Vintage VRB-75 Banjo. The fact his name is Jonny is a coincidence.


  1. I once heard the banjo played. I vaguely recall it, though there's a fair amount of fog and smoke and love and, strangely, Brook Trout swirling around that memory. It coulda sounded that good. Coulda.

  2. I could drink that 9 year old punk under the table.

    Well, Jonny could anyway. I don't hold my liquor as well.

    In any case, until I hear him play drunk, I am not impressed.

  3. Yeah, but you don't have a Millennium Falcon or a stuffed fox.

  4. I do too. I keep them on the top bunk.