Monday, January 2, 2012

I got to walk in the woods, fish, and drink

This flask is Scottish, much like English Jonny.  The whiskey was American, like Brayshaw.

Says Jonny: “Ultimately, it's surprising that you were the only person fooling around videoing yourself on a riverbank. What do the millions of others do?”


I asked my wife if she thought I should start drinking more, and she said "Are you joking?"  She even suggested I might consider drinking less. But, she's my wife, and of course she's going to say that.  She doesn't want to hurt my feelings.  But I do think that once she sees the new, drunker me, she'll probably say something like "Well, I didn't want to make you feel bad, in case you failed, but Honey, I am so proud of you."

Ice was a problem.

I don't know.  (And I was there.)


  1. You're always ahead of the curve old man.

    Excellent looking fish those.

  2. My favorite part of the article:

    "My feeling is that the risk in whisky is quite low."

  3. "Makes a great gift for the ladies"

    And you were going to give up Steelhead, well done!

  4. That you would don your angling togs, string a rod, and head streamside in winter is an inspiration. A lot of guys would have just gone down cellar or waited until spring, when it is warmer, to do their drinking.

    Ice was a problem? Oh, you mean while fishing! I especially like the mid-stagger excitement in that last photo.

  5. Quill - I was in the cellar. Those photos are pure Photoshop.

  6. Wow, what an inspiration. Your wife and your friends are going to be so happy when you finally start drinking more. Normally I don't hold with likker, but when it's snowing, it's OK.

  7. No more excuses for me.

    No more "I'll drink more tomorrow."

    No more "What's the big deal about being drunk anyway?"

    No more "I'm already probbly jrunk bough."

    Nope. This is gonna be the year.