Sunday, February 27, 2011

My New Chair

So I went to my local antique store, Clocktower Antiques of Branford, to find a desk chair for my tying desk - I've been using an old rocking chair that is useless as a tying perch. I didn't find a chair, but I did find a painting from 1994 for just $6,500. I stood there for quite some time bellowing at fellow browsers about its amazing color, resonance and sheer significance, then the shop owner came over and politely asked me to leave. Afterwards I fantasized about picking the thing up and just casually walking out the door with it, waving sincere thanks to Mr Shop Keeper on the way ("Same time next week. Jolly good!") Pete Townsend used to do this in guitar stores - grab one then run for it. But he was younger than I am now. And I had my 6 year old daughter with me. And it's illegal. It was only a fantasy. Honest.

This would go quite nicely over my tying desk. The one without a chair.


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  1. This is an amazing story; I would never take my children out in public.