Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Life Imitating Art

A True Story 
From a British fishing forum 

I had a friend who died in a car crash a few years ago after he had been away on one of his Carp Adventures. Fell asleep at the wheel apparently but that's another story. Vince used to make his own boilies and if you went around to his house it would stink of rhubarb and custard one night and the next it would be sour apple and raspberry and so on.

He was crazy about his Carping and he just went AWOL for days on end.

He was married with a daughter but he never hardly saw them so one day Stacey his wife had had enough and she left him a Dear John on the kitchen table and off she went with bags packed and the daughter. They moved in with her mother until she managed to get her own place sorted.

After a week and a half she hadn't heard anything so she went around to the house to see if he was there. Of course he wasn't as he was fishing. The letter was still there unopened so off she went back to her mothers. A few more days past and still nothing from Vince so she went back to the house again. This time the letter had been moved so he'd obviously been home but it hadn't been opened. It was on the floor under the kitchen chair. He must have knocked it off when he'd been back to the house for more supplies. Stacey thought about what she'd done and realised that leaving him wasn't the right thing to do so she went back. The thing is is that she'd left Vince for nearly 2 weeks and he hadn't even noticed!!!!

To be honest he was a kind, gentle, loving guy and everyone loved him. He just had this passion for Carp as many do and it took over his life until he died in the car crash. The car was full of gear. Rods, reels, bite alarms, bivvys, gas cookers. 

He was nuts really.


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