Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We are clearly too busy to write anything here. But way back in June we did have what can accurately be described as an interesting road trip to Indiana; a time that was undoubtedly therapeutic. More accounts will be written. There are also some photographs.

More T? 

In the meantime, Steve Zakur has more time on his hands and has already written two excellent articles describing our road trip to Brayshaw's India.

You should read the stories in Hatch magazine - the outbound journey here and the homeward dash here

If you don't already, you should also patronize Steve's blog, Sipping Emergers.

You will just have to wait for what happened in the middle, probably when the three of us have the faintest idea what went on.

Fishers of men


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  1. Jesus is soon. And hopefully he'll bring the lattes.