Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's Wild Trout Time (again)

With the temperature reaching a toasty 35 degrees today I headed for my local river. No bugs were hatching but fish were rising steadily and uniformly throughout the glassy pool. A sure sign that spring is finally upon us.

Perfect wild trout habitat

Trout rose uniformly, this spring day
Recognizing the subtle rises of wild brown trout fresh off the tide, I rigged with American Nymphs and dry caddis, but the fish would have none of it! I sensed that something more traditional was in order. Looking to my trusty Weatley fly box, the answer came to me as it had on so many March days on this particular chalk stream. 

A hackled wet fly. Perfect for wild brown trout, today

Chalk aquifers feed the wild trout of southern Connecticut

I was rewarded with 37 of the most wonderful mix of domestic wild browns and fresh-run sea-trout.  

Another fin perfect wild trout falls for the traditional soft-hackle wet fly. Just last week there were no trout in the river. Where do the wild beauties go in winter?
Anything's possible in March. A wild sea-trout, fresh from the sea


March Wild trout will rise through a concrete bridge

As sure as winter turns to spring, it's reassuring - some would say magical - to know that wild trout will be caught with predictable regularity when March comes around, as if they had always been there.

Tight Lines,



  1. Nice job dude, maybe the sea runs will last more than a couple of weeks this year with this weeks freeze. I still haven't seen even a stockie in my money hole. I hope that after Wednesdays snow (hopefully a dusting) the spring fins get more active in SECT. I've been trying 16 black bead head stone nymphs

  2. They're almost as nice as the sea liced springer I caught on the (Skate) Park beat of the River Naugatuck three weeks ago. Bravo, English Jonny!

    1. Ben, I thought they lose the sea lice running the gamut of shopping carts in the lower river. ;-)

  3. Magical. :-)
    Spent 10 years living on the banks of that river, I do miss the March Madness.

  4. Very nice! Always a good feeling figuring out what the fish want.

  5. The trout are still hiding in my streams. If only I lived in the south.