Friday, June 15, 2012

How to get in a grandpa routine

While our primary purpose here at The Culvert is to brag, and our secondary purpose is to entertain, our tertiary purpose is to instruct.  And while it is rare that English Jonny or I will actually set out to write an explicit "How to" piece, we're confident that somewhere, among the drivel, are a few pearls of "How to" wisdom.  We know this because the web hosting company allows us to see what sort of keyword or phrase searches bring folks to The Culvert.  I'll admit right up front that I can't tell you off the top of my head which post will tell you how to get in a grandpa routine; in fact, I have no idea what the hell one of those is.  But since somebody's search engine brought them here after that query, I can only assume that we can tell you how to get into one.

There are some other things we can teach you as well.  You just have to ask.


  1. I hope my mother in law isn't watching.

    1. And if she is, I hope I never encounter the two of you in a culvert.

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