Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happily Not Fishing (Really?)

It's sunny and hot, without being too hot, so the salt marsh was the place to be this morning. The kids are getting just a little big to fit fore and aft in the banana. It's probably their last season in *this boat, so we're making the most of it. They're more tolerant than they used to be so we can go further and longer, and they admitted today that the salt marsh is "really cool".

Which, for a number of reasons, is really cool.

Low tide at our favorite spot.

That mud was pretty deep. And no, it's not a bra.


And aft.

And then in.

I'm going back down tonight to see if there's a bass about.


*Remove subtle connotation to reveal hidden message: You can never have too many boats. I'm buying a tandem.


  1. There was none. It seems that spring is over; the culvert is pouring warm, turbid soup.

  2. I know that's not a bra. Your bra sags much, much more.

  3. I'll bet some of our readers can do better than that. Are you in India now? The air is thinner I expect.

  4. "Our readers" ! That's funny.

    I'm your reader. You are my reader. We are the only readers.

    Not in India yet. Sherpas haven't arrived. I have a lot of shit.

  5. I have that same bra but mines orange.

  6. It came free from the Outdoor Blagger Network. Fame brings riches beyond our reach.

    We should go fishing Zed.

  7. Nice work. I probably need a pair of Union Jack water shoes, come to think of it.

  8. Thank you. Yes, it is important to reinstate this flag in the "United States", as they are currently called.