Monday, January 16, 2012

His Class 1: A Plog

The quandary was answered by the forecast of -3 overnight and single digits through Monday in Pulaski. I took Heaven and left Steve and Bob to Hell, where they hooked and lost 2 and 1 steelhead, respectively; a typical return for January. And so to Heaven - The Mill River in Easton, CT. A Class 1 Wild Trout Stream that was every bit as tough as it was meant to be this time of year. In May these streams are jumping with their designated "abundant wild trout". In January they're black and cold, but mighty pretty.

This being the stream where The Great Man plied his angle, I won't compete with words. Besides, I'm completely shagged out in that wonderful way I always feel after a day on a winter trout stream.

First act. The heads tell you I hadn't had coffee yet.

Wet dogs came along for the ride, this day.

The Handsome Modern Angler. I spelled it right because my wife is standing here correcting me.

Pretty water on the ol' Mill.

It was so cold.
My net took a stiffy. I wondered in a non-existent, whimsical way how cold Steve and Bob must be.

Highland Park isn't litter. And I wasn't fishing the Usk.

Highland Park II.

One fish dropped before lunch, and back to the Sube for tucker with the dogs and more Highland Park.

I'm surprised I could see. A bloody good Brookie from a Class 1 "Black Diamond" in January.

Nothing prettier swims.

My favorite size of trout stream. Medium.

Nurturing the Dalvey.
A sort of Highland Park.

Happy Birthday? I should co-co.



  1. What?

    Oh, I see.

  2. Nice way to spend a winter's day. Good on you. Too bad you couldn't fish the Usk.

  3. Nice fish, nice day out. That brookie was beautiful.

    1. Thank you. That fish was a degree more attractive than my lunch, it's true.

  4. This photo essay reminds me of a favorite quote from a Great Man's book:

    "I nestled closer and she lowered my head with her hands and rested my ear of her breast. 'Gosh,' I said.'"*

    Bonnie Brookie, that.

    *Page 22, two-thirds of the way down. You can't make this stuff up

    1. It's enough to make me see stars, that rise from icicle Christmas trees into the dark sky of the stream. ;-)

      Thanks for the reference. Please bring your copy round so that we can read it close to* the fire.


  5. I have tried to smoke cigars, usually burning either my fly line in half, my pinky finger or just plain flicking the freshly lit $10 bill into the water entirely. I have a nice medium size trout stream for you, should you make it to the middle country. Nice report sir.

  6. As someone who raises his pinky finger mostly all day, I can empathize. And thanks for the invite.


  7. You made the right choice. Maybe there is hope for humanity.


  8. That is a sexy piece of water. Nice brookie too there.