Sunday, November 27, 2011

How does it feel like?

I'd say it felt very good, but I'm not completely sure.

It's been a long time since I hooked much. This fall I made twelve trips to RI for two bass and a shad. Twelve. No shit. That's not terribly good, is it? So by the time I got to Pulaski my mind - and any last vestige of dignity - had long departed. You'll see what I mean when you watch this short film. I'm quite the prima donna, as it happens.

I caught some real nice fish, but unlike last year I lost many, many, many steelhead. Everyone lost quite a lot of fish: Fish losing was the name of the game this year. But not for Bill, who insisted on landing more than his fair share.

I will say that the fishing was, once again, quite fantastic. Dozens of large, fresh, insane steel were hooked, and some beauties were landed; the weather was divine; we saw few other anglers over our 4 days; and even mine host kept schtum for the most part. More, it's a plain fact that, however great the fishing, the memorable bit was being on a beautiful river for four solid days with a bunch of fine chaps. I appreciated their company a fuck of a lot, and not just because they can catch steelhead between their legs, either.

At some point one of them mentioned a misspent youth and acid bleeps, hence the Chemicals. What can you do.


Particular thanks to Todd and Bill for sharing some of their photos, video, and toilet paper.


  1. Haha!! Hanky Plankey... I haven't heard that since I was a wee lad. Great video English Jonny. It brought back some very fond memories of a great trip!

  2. Great, now I have images to go with my tormented dreams. Thanks.

  3. Could not have done it better. Thx Jonny!

  4. Yes, this is very good. I've already completely given up on steelhead, but in light of this masterpiece, I'm also giving up on making videos.

  5. I've watched this a few times now. Nicely done. Looks like the kind of day made perfect by a little whiskey at the end ...

  6. Thank you Quill Gordon and all. It was a great time and whisky was certainly present.

    I will be going back in a couple of weeks to take more video of Bill landing lots of fish.

  7. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing. Man that is some major disappointment on the boys faces after getting tuned. LOL! priceless footage.
    never fished the Salmon River. Definately on my list. Even more so after seeing this footage.