Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Culvert Male Bag

On any given day The Culvert receives a multitude of letters and packages; some from grateful anglers, some from product developers and advertisers. We're simply unable to respond to such high volume but we do appreciate it, and like to share a random selection every so often. If we print your letter we'll send you a *Butt Out II! Today I wanted to share this rather sweet letter from a chap called Chuck (actually, I'm assuming he's a chap - he didn't say, and given his suggestion, I don't think we've ever met).

"Dear Jonny: Please could you forward this to Brayshaw? I figure if he uses TP on his face the dumb shit didn't figure out email yet. Anyways, I know The Culvert is inundated with mail from fans and I don't expect you to respond [Ed: surprise!] But instead of the usual complaints, I would like to branch out with a suggestion. Surely the blog could use some prettying up? See the example below of what real carp fishermen [sic] look like. I never been carp fishing, but I imagine the local brownline streams are chock full of anglers just like this.

Cheers - Chuck"

Some writing down here. It doesn't matter what. I've stopped writing, and you no longer remember why you even stopped by.



  1. While I'm not complaining about their inclusion, what's the connection between those pictures and carp fishing?

  2. Perhaps you should give carp fishing a try. Then you will cease asking such silly questions.

  3. "Damn Your Eyes!!!'

    Z-...the lips...