Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our future. Your future. The future.

During a recent Executive Council meeting, the staff discussed the nature of The Angler's Culvert (hereafter referred to as T.A.C., or sometimes simply TAC, or sometimes just The Culvert, or sometimes just "this place", or "here"), how far we'd come, and where we hope to be a few days or even weeks into the future. With barely concealed howls of laughter, we lauded ourselves on our efforts, and successes, at presenting largely "original content", something we feel is largely lacking in the fly fishing sphere of blogs (hereafter referred to as "the blogosphere").

Now, having despite all that, I'd like to point our readers to an important study, published some time ago by somebody else, but that never received the important attention it deserved. We, here, have used the results of the study in our own efforts to tailor this place, but it's important reading for anybody who cares about fly fishing, its future, and, dare I say, our future as human beings. Yes, it's that important.

Please read it.


  1. Good read. Carp came in a bit higher than I would have guessed.

  2. Well, I DID say it was an important study.