Sunday, September 25, 2011

Early-season Waterfowl

As days grow shorter and shadows grow longer, our thoughts turn to the upcoming autumn waterfowl season. We reminisce about chilly late afternoons in the blind, squinting into the setting sun, hoping for the glimpse of a few strays, coming in for the evening.

Brayshaw watches the horizon for incoming bluebills

It's not important, in the end, that we always get our ducks.  But when it happens, the deal is sweetened in ways we cannot always express in words.  Sometimes, we simply rejoice in the feel of a trusty shotgun in one hand, a duck dinner in the other, and the promise, we hope, of more.

Brayshaw with the first of many, we hope.


  1. While I do like the TJ action figure, I'm waiting for the limited edition English Jonny figure with both the Steelhead rod and straight jacket.

  2. We're working on it. Jonny rejected the prototype because he said it wasn't "anatomically correct". I suggested to him that kids don't care about that, but he says he has a larger market in mind that includes, but is not limited to, women.

    We've got our best staff working on this.

  3. This is better than watching bob Ross while eating a bowl of frosted flakes after pulling a tube or two.