Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slurp Cast!

Join us for this week's "Slurp Cast!", the video podcast of the Angler's Culvert, hosted by T.J. Brayshaw and English Jonny, and sponsored by "Slurp" magazine, the only magazine dedicated exclusively to fly fishing for carp and the literature that it inspires.

In this week's Slurp Cast, Brayshaw interviews well-known angler Lefty Kreh. Watch and listen to hear some of Lefty's great stories, and learn more about how to catch carp on the fly!!


  1. Good stuff, ain't it? Can you believe what he said about his first carp?! That ain't never happened to me!!

  2. Great stuff! I learned a lot. Just one thing, do you have to use so many curse words?

  3. Dear lowbrow,

    I assume by "curse" words you mean cuss words, right? But to answer your question, no, dipshit, I definitely do not have to use so many of them.


    T.J. Brayshaw

  4. Call me. I've got Flip's phone number. Unless Lefty already gave it to you.

  5. Sure you do. You're a professor. You know everything.