Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Desperate Man

Despite the fact that, over my wife's protestations, I refused to soothe, console, comfort or otherwise contact my children during their recent bout with a stomach virus, I still managed to contract it. This falling on the heels of a week-long, carp-free family vacation (what's the point, really?), I was desperate for some slurp. And so despite something less than a full recovery, I ventured out on a recent Sunday morning, and did alright. In fact, I managed to get three carp, one right after another, in the same spot with nary a footstep between slurps. So, Friend, if anybody tells you that once you've gotten one from a spot the others will have bolted or turned hopelessly off the feed, don't you believe it.

My apologies for the video perspective - this stuff ain't easy to do by one's lonesome.

The music is "The Desperate Man" by the Black Keys. I chose this song because it was about the same length as the video, and this seemed easier than yet more editing.

The Desperate Man (gets his Daily Slurp) from English Jonny on Vimeo.


  1. the way you look longingly at that last fish, we know you care.

    four in one trip to the grocery store is some good carpin.

  2. You should see the unedited version of the film...