Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fishing Covered Bridges

"Come down here Jonny, by the river. There’s plenty of room,” I said to English Jonny on a recent fishing trip.

“Why?” he replied. “I can fish just fine from up here. In fact, from up here I stay out of the sun, but what’s more, I have a much better view of the fish. Why, there’s one right there…got ‘im!!”

“Jonny – that you caught that fish is fairly remarkable, but what I find astonishing is that you can make such long, graceful casts from inside that covered bridge. How do you do that!?” I inquired.

“T.J.,”, he replied, “I have been fishing covered bridges for decades. It’s really quite simple. You see, this bridge is built with windows on both sides, aligned perfectly. I simply stand in the center of the bridge, place my back cast through the window behind me and my forward cast through this window here in front of me.”

“And if there isn’t a window behind you for your back cast?” I asked.

“Oh, then you must use a roll cast.”


  1. That is freaking AWESOME! You guys are too funny.

    Thanks for sharing.
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  2. See, this is the kind of innovative thinking that European anglers are bringing to our sport.