Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sunny, warm, stripers

It hasn't been like that recently; but when SWMBO said she was taking the kids and leaving me, I thought I should go out tonight, the next few days looking windy with rain, and tonight being terribly clement.

Flying solo, I had a cracking time, despite the 20 to 25 other chaps who had the same idea. I got in position and took a fish on my first cast. Many more followed, and I'm too tired to eulogize about the finer points - there's a pizza and wine waiting. It's what we men do when they're away.

With the Sound like a mill pond and the red sun setting, after 3 hours of catching I bid a good eve to the throng, fish still biting as the tide slackened at 8pm. My arm aches, I stink like striped bass. It was really good fun. Bye bye.

First Striper Thumb of the year!

I switched from a small Clouser to this bigger fly.

And the bigger fish liked it. This one perhaps a smidgen under 30".

It's quite lovely to catch spring stripers again.



  1. Striper thumb. I'm jealous. Perhaps I should join you sometime soon.

  2. gotta love striper thumb. I hope to have a case of this soon as the river run heats up.

    Thanks for sharing.
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