Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oxford Blue

Back in Oxbridge the chaps knew how to scrabble together a fair old tucker.  Slammer Jenkins and Bunty Lewis would whiz up lashing of cucumber sandwiches (just like mummy's - no crusts!) Just the ticket after a day in the field, willow to silly mid-off or tossing a googly. Hazaar chaps and three cheers for matron!

This week I'm tally ho all the way back to the Nutmeg from a ripping culinary hat trick in Pulaski, New York, with my old dorm mucker and all-round good egg (get it?) Steve Zakur. But bloody hell chaps,  I can't say it started off too well, no mother! No Oxford Blue in Pulaski; not a dean's tea in sight - just the thought of it has the wing-tips a tremble!

At supper the first evening old Zakurs and Jonny dined on "highway food". Good heavens, not a quail's egg in sight. They didn't even stock Pimms!
These very thin potatoes are "fries". 
This is a "highway meat sandwich".

I was bally well flumoxed by it all, I should say. But ding dong if breakers wasn't the top drawer!

Lashings of soldiers. Hazaar!

The boys in the bunk house say a picture's worth a thousands words! Spiffing egg and crumpet - enjoy chaps, Pulaski's the place!
The yellow egg was just the ticket.

Things are on the up. A turn up for the old books I'd say. And England into the semis against those scoundrels from Sri Lanka - up the Oxford Blues! But blast the thing if we couldn't watch on the old set. Something about fishing, meeting a guide, learning to "Spey", whatever the bally-do that is! After breakers Zakurs had me down the river with the rods. Jolly good fun for a while with the boys in the DSR. Not Oxford Blue (perhaps Cambridge?), but jolly good men when the chips are down!

Zakurs trades the day's puff before the off. And over the top we go!

Ah yes, the fishing wasn't a patch on the food. Always an anti-climax, what? Steelhead just don't scrap like the old rugger ball carp back home and the river was ghastly fast. Here's one of Zakurs getting to grips with his "Spey" (sounds like some sort of bally Scotch! On the rocks there Zakurs! (I'm not sure who the other chap is. Don't think he was a Blue).

Bally strange to cast without a fishing rod, what!
I filled a few hours before supps with a little fishing. Sucker spawn and lead - sounds like a good hotpot to me!

I say, I bally couldn't wait to get back to camp for some of granny's best. Hazaar for my hat-trick! Those scoundrels in Pulaski, leaving the jolly best 'til last - the finest Oxford supps (your beverage of choice, as long as it's Pimms!) 

Dig in chaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wild Angus Beef.

Swedish meatballs from IKEA. These shouldn't be here. (I'll write to the DEC or the BBC or someone).

Zakurs after a day at the Spey. Hazaar!