Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Good for you, Orvis

Orvis. Purveyors of the best fishing rods in the world that cost "just" $600. And next year, you'll need another rod for "just" $950. It's remarkable that anglers drive this market for items that, with moderate care, will actually last two lifetimes, but that's not Orvis' fault, right?

This is my rather repetitive gripe about Orvis and their like. I'm glad it's out of the way. After all, why should I care: I don't buy their rods at full price - I can't and wouldn't even if I were rich man. 

Today I wanted to pay tribute to Topol and to Orvis, and not just that lovely fellow The Honorable Lord Rosenbauer of Vermont. Say what you like about their prices, the market-driven conveyor-belt of the best and lightest fish catching stuff, but they sure are top drawer when it comes to customer care, to wit:  
Dear Orvis,

"Good beads - poor sizing. Overall rating: 2/5. By: English Jonny"

"Speedy delivery as ever, and the beads are very nice, but I can't agree with your sizing chart. I ordered 1/8 size beads in bronze and gold for size 14 hooks based on your guide. These beads are way too big for this hook size, so ultimately more time wasted. The carp will not be pleased. Please have a closer look at your size guide and rectify this issue.

Thanks -- Jonny"

And the very next day.....

"Dear Orvis Customer,
Thank you for the review you recently submitted for the Bead-Head Beads. Customer service and your satisfaction are very important to us and we do greatly appreciate your feedback as it helps us continue in ensuring [sic] that we meet your expectations.
I am very sorry that size chart suggested the wrong beads for you. I completely understand your disappointment and we greatly appreciate that you took time to send us your feedback. We reviewed the sizing chart online and have confirmed that it is incorrect. We are currently working to correct the chart. If I may have your address, I will be happy to send a pack of the 7/64 beads in gold and bronze to you.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Yours etc"

This may seem a little trivial, but to this padawan fly tier, desperate for fishing productivity while housebound on Hoth, these beads are pure gold (and bronze). 

Well done Orvis.



  1. You told them you were fishing for carp?!

    Great. Just great.

    Why don't you just give them directions to the honey hole? They've already got your's just a matter of time before they find our spot.

  2. No, I embellished the carp bit for our readership (you, basically). You sucked it up like one of our friends would a Green Giant niblet.

  3. I want in on a Carp outing. What will it cost?

  4. Dear Todd. Welcome. The price of admission is the price of a 7oz can of sweetcorn. The Culvert recommends Green Giant, but lesser brands - Stop n Shop's own, for example - work almost as well.

    I'm excited to be there when you encounter those lips for the very first time.